New category in the news section

AgileIt's been a long time since I've published anything and that is about to change soon. But first, I had to add a new category for the news section which is "Agile". Continue to read more...
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Google Chrome as default browser on Mac

TechnologyWhile I love Safari and the swift integration with iOS and OSX I DO love the speed and simplicity in Google Chrome. However, a few things frustrates me about Chrome and the following is my findings in working around these... Continue to read more...
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6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac

TechnologyRecently I've been receiving an ever-growing number of e-mails asking me what kind of apps I use on my Mac. Continue reading for a list and a brief explanation.
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Running iOS5 Beta 1 (Updated!)

TechnologyApple released the next generation iOS5 last night at WWDC2011. Running it on iPhone4 and iPad2 gives me the chance to test this first beta out. However, a few apps does not work. Continue reading for a full list...
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Firefox 4 leaked a day early

TechnologyFirefox 4 has been leaked for Mac and PC a day before the company said it would be officially available. Continue reading for download link.
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Adobe ready with Flash Player

TechnologyAdobe, home of the Flash Player (amongst others) has released an updated version of its popular Flash Player which highly improves perfomance on Macs. Continue reading for more information.
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Cydia coming to Mac

TechnologyWhen it comes to jailbreaking, there's probably no name as familiar to the development community than that of Jay 'saurik' Freeman. Jay is the brain behind the Cydia App Store, and this morning he gave the attendees of 360|MacDev an overview of his upcoming jailbreak store for Mac OS X, cycript, and Cydia Substrate. Continue reading for more...
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SHAtter Jailbreak: Jailbreak iOS 4.1, 4.2, and ABOVE for LIFE

TechnologyA new exploit called the SHAtter Jailbreak will allow all iOS users including iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPad, iPad 3G, and iPod touch to jailbreak their mobile devices for life. Read on for detailed information.
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article New category in the news section

article Google Chrome as default browser on Mac

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article 6 MUST-HAVE apps for Mac

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