Happy new year

Site newsOnce again a year has passed. Thanks for the time spent here... Continue reading for more...
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It's been a while - I'm back though

Site newsLike the title says - It's been a while since I posted news on the site but I'm partially back and will do my best to update you on cool stuff...
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Windows 7 on Bootcamp plays nice - but...!

Site newsI wanted to install the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft on my Snow Leopard Bootcamp. But I faced a problem during the installation with an error 0x80300024. Continue reading for a fix.
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Site newsThis afternoon our website at was hacked by a group called 'Team Black Dream'.
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Back after some cool days in Oulu, Finland

Site newsAfter a long set of flights and a few hours of sleep I'm back in 'warm' Denmark again. Thanks for a great event at SNDS Oulu24 in Finland this weekend.
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Updates to the site

Site newsToday I published updates on the site which includes new features as well as bug-fixes.
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Merry Christmas to each and everyone

Site newsYet another year has passed and we're celebrating the two last parties of the year. Christmas and New Year. Have a good one everyone and thanks for stopping by the site once in a while!
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Education completed, now what?

Site newsThis afternoon I went to my final exam. Continue reading to see how it went.
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An upgrade on the site

Site newsAfter a few nights of squeezing bugs and fixing stuff on this site I've synced the live-site with the development site this afternoon.
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Time offline - Back in the loop

Site newsLast week I took some much needed time off from the computer, the IT and the Internet in general. This is merely a retrospect of that experience.
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New site is under way

Site newsI've received several mails during the past Months on the release of a "spoken-of" new website. Now here's the deal... (continue for more).
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