Steam coming to Mac o May 12th

NoticeableThe Steam-platform from Valve (featuring, among others, Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead) will be released for Mac users on May 12th. Continue reading for more information.
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Banksy goes to the movies

NoticeableThe street artist ('space invader'), Banksy, is starring in a new documentary about the way he works and about the space invader culture. Continue reading for more information.
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Toto reforming in July 2010 (updated)

NoticeableAfter the members of one of the best rock bands in the world, Toto, decided to go seperate ways back in June 2008 - they now come together for one last time on a European tour to honor the brother Mike. Continue reading for announcement.
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Finetune what Apple will not - The Aqua theme refinements (Updated)

NoticeableBack in the days of OS/X 10.2 Apple introduced the skin 'Aqua' as it's frontend theme. Since then 'Aqua' has been through some modifications - but apparently Apple left out 2 details... Continue reading for more information and a down-loadable fix.
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Twitter redesigns frontpage

NoticeableThe public community service, Twitter, has silently launched a redesign of the front page. Are we going to see an all-over redesign of user-templates or are this just speculations? Continue reading for a qualified guess.
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Banksy's going home

NoticeableGraffiti artist Banksy has pulled off an audacious stunt amid tight secrecy to stage his biggest ever exhibition.
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