Why my daughter shouldn't be a child model

I mostly write about tech-stuff on this website, but once in a while other topics spring to mind and I feel like I have to address them. This article is about why I won't let my 2-year old daughter be a child model. Continue reading for more insights.
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Softwarefejl (Danish)

Denne artikel er ikke en jeg har ophav på, men derfor syntes jeg nu alligevel den er værd at bringe. Ganske humoristisk indlæg...
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Downgrade Synology NAS firmware

Have you ever upgraded your firmware on your Synology NAS server (maybe to a BETA version) and regretted it badly ever since? Do you lie restless at night knowing that Synology firmware is not down-gradable? Fear not... Here's (a) the solution.

This article describes how to downgrade your firmware on a Synology NAS server. This method should work with any version/model.
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Combine 2 or more PDF-files into 1 PDF-file

This first screencast is a short video explaining how to combine 2 (or more) Adobe PDF-files into 1 PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Professional. This tutorial is the same on both PC and Mac.
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How to Request Read Receipts in Mac OS X Mail

Have you ever wondered what happened to a message you sent? Has a spam filter's ruthless rule befallen it, or did it never arrive? Was it read but forgotten?

When you send an email in Mac OS X Mail, the message will be delivered to its recipient promptly -- usually, but not always.

To get some idea of your every email's fate, you can request read receipts.

Continue to read for detailed information on setting this up.
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3 ways of stopping SPAM on your Facebook profile

Everybody who is using the online community site, Facebook, knows this problem. SPAM on your profile page. While a lot of people are using Facebook as a social networking site, other people (like me) are using it as a networking tool on equal side of LinkedIn, Skype and MSN Messenger. SPAM on my Facebook profile page is not something I want to see - and more important - it's not something I want to show off to potential clients or the like.

This article gives you a selection of ways to reduce the SPAM which clutters the profile page on Facebook.
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article Softwarefejl (Danish)

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