People you work with is always the best reference. They can tell you whether or not you perform and they are the true judges of your work and your personality.

Below you will find a selection of recommendations. These can also be seen at Linkedin.

Lene Rix Pedersen, Internal Project Manager, Amplex A/S

The professionalism of Morten’s work speaks for itself merely by taking a glance at it. While it stands clear that Morten is very well-qualified, it makes more sense to speak about his winning manners. He sees the positive in everything and the good in everyone, which, combined with his emphatic personality, is a rare quality. He always has a way to bring out the best in each of his colleagues and contributes to a joyful and great work environment. Morten is openminded and straightforward, and lending a helping hand comes natural to him no matter the type of task. He also incorporates humour into his work practices without compromising any results. I am sure I would not get any counter-arguments, when I state that Morten is the kind of colleague we all wish we were - and would be lucky to have! - Lene Rix Pedersen

Jan Bergstrøm, Product Manager, Smart Grid Technology, Amplex A/S

I have worked with Morten over the last year in his capacity as Graphic Designer for Amplex. Morten has a great flair for design and user interface flow. Simple and elegant! Morten is also very well organized and disciplined, a key reason why he is able to excel in an environment where he is expected to deliver services to many different people at the same time.

In our interactions, Morten generated some excellent ideas with very little direction. He was also good at identifying when tasks required extra discussion, where he would quickly come for additional direction, find outside input, or take appropriate steps to investigate further. - Jan Bergstrøm

Morten Løvbjerg, Systems Developer, Amplex A/S

Morten Grantzau is a very competent UX and Graphics designer. His designs are "crisp", to the point, well structured, and appealing to work with in spite of system complexity. Morten has a firm opinion about UX models and elements, as well as a good understanding as to the limitations/possibilities of various technologies incl. CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Morten is open-minded, forthcoming, and a pleasure to work with. - Morten Løvbjerg

Ivan Jensen, Product Manager, Amplex A/S

I have the plesure having Morten in project groups and beside his excellent skills as graphic designer, he is openminded and gives good and valuable inputs to the project. He is very good at thinking “out of the box” and been a great help, when things gets stuck. His positive approach to things and humor makes him a high valued colleague to me and others. You can always count on he will try helping you out with any challenge. - Ivan Jensen

Jens Hørup, Chairman, President, Owner, Amplex A/S

At Amplex, Morten has contributed with his excellent skills within usability and graphic design, always providing highly valuable, useful and consistent work. He is well-liked by his colleagues and contributes to a great atmosphere at the workplace. - Jens Hørup

Nønne Holm Carlsen, Communications Manager, Amplex A/S

Morten has an excellent eye when it comes to creating user-friendly and great looking graphic design. He has helped me out on many occasions when I have been stuck with various issues in InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

He is a highly valued colleague who always contributes with a good idea and a useful comment. He is very punctual, always willing to help out, and his good spirits and humor are much appreciated! - Nønne Holm Carlsen

Maruf Yusupov, Webdesigner, Universal Fashion Network

Morten has outstanding management and communication skills. He knows to solve problems of team members by listening to them attentively, inspires them to the same goal and does all his best to reach the target united. Most importantly he does not lose his sense of humor even in hard times. Must have colleague! - Maruf Yusupov

Henning Vestergaard Poulsen, Developer, Jyllands Posten

Morten was well-liked for his position as a hard-working graphic designer and gave me the impression that he is highly competent in his field, and who used the developers as resources when appropriate, and who happily assisted when I needed help with layout for the pages. This makes up for a great team-player who fitted well into an international team with daily scrum meetings. His sharp, creative, and fast-thinking mind showed at the meetings when he was always contributing with ideas and input for workflow and making work efficient. In addition to his professional competencies, he has been a very pleasant colleague to work with and his excellent social skills are manifested when he makes people laugh, when he communicates well with anyone from any department, and even when people from other departments (journalists) come asking when his next break is. All combined, he would fit into any modern company, into any team with all kinds of people.- Henning Vestergaard Poulsen

Dmytro Yurchenko, Java Developer, Jyllands Posten

It was always a great pleasure to work and spend time beyond the office hours with such an open-minded person as Morten. His ability to generate ideas and implement them visually, his interests in vast variety of fields and cutting-edge technologies always inspire me. I will be happy to work with him again and really hope that I will have such a chance in future.- Dmytro Yurchenko

Troels Nørgaard, Java Developer/System Engineer, Morgenavisen Jyllands Posten

I can only speak highly of Morten as a person and of his work at Jyllands-Posten. In the tasks where I have worked with him, he has always shown intelligent artistic solutions, which sadly often have been limited by higher mangement. He has a good eye for fonts and colors in web environment. As a person he is very comfortable to work with and I still remember him giving me the first tour around Jyllands-Posten's Viby offices. He especially good at getting you to feel welcome as an outsider or newcomer to the office. A great collegue- Troels Nørgaard

Vadim Mischenko, Java Developer (Jyllands-Posten), Ciklum

I had been working with Morten for a year at JP, and hope that I'll have an opportunity to work with him some when again, because it is really pleasure to work with such kind of professional and friendly person. He' have been always provide us with a very good, flexible and original graphics design. The same time he have an excellent skills to manage a team if it's needed and keep situation under control. I'm sure his professional an personal skills can improve quality and spirit of any team.
- Vadim Mischenko

Julie Barsøe Nielsen, Mediegrafikerelev, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Viby

Morten is a very energetic co-worker, very engaged when he is working no matter the job. He is very skilled when it comes to web, both technically and about the design.
- Julie Barsøe Nielsen

Mikkel Mandal, Webdeveloper, Jyllands-Posten

Morten is a very skilled and hardworking colleague, who continuously delivers creative ideas and provides solid solutions within tough deadlines. Mortens high spirits spread joy and smiles wherever he shows up. It's always a pleasure to work with - or just be around - Morten. I give him my highest recommendation.
- Mikkel Mandal

Anthony Fox-Davies, IT-Professional

I frequently use Morten to consult on IT projects as an experienced Designer with a broad portfolio of clients from varying industry. He has always been approachable, professional and detailed in his input. I would not hesitate to work with him in the future.
- Anthony Fox-Davies

Kasper Michael de Thurah, Art director & graphic designer, Aarhus Design

Morten Grantzau has always been the one I could contact about everything and he would always have the perfect answer or advice for me. His skills and perfection in his work goes way beyond the word "fantastic" and I will always have this feeling of being a constant step behind, as long as I know Morten and is blessed with his friendship. Morten Grantzau has, and will always be, my first choice!
- Kasper Michael de Thurah

...And a few in Danish:

Rune Bernth-Andersen, JP/POL Online Magasiner

Morten er en sand fornøjelse at arbejde sammen med. Leverer gennemarbejdet produkt til aftalt tid. Dertil kommer at Morten er utrolig fleksibel og serviceminded. Thumbs up herfra :0)
- Rune Bernth-Andersen

Niels Chr. Bastholm, News Director, Erhverv På Nettet - Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

Jeg har den store glæde at arbejde sammen med Morten på JPMedier, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Postens online-redaktion. Morten er en knivskarp type, der er dygtig både når det handler om at udvikle og agere problemknuser. Med sit altid gode humør er Morten derudover også en gevinst for hele redaktionen rent socialt, og han spiller en solid gang bordfodbold :-)
- Niels Chr. Bastholm

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